We could talk forever about our love of the latest and greatest technology and how it benefits you.

We could throw around crazy words like .Net, Silverlight, WPF, T-SQL, SSIS, C#, JQuery, CSS, and HTML5.

But when your neighbor's bother's counsin can too, it doesn't mean much.

We could write books and presentations about architecture, patterns, and best practices.

We could elaborate and include patterns and paradigms like MVVM, SOLID, MVP, MVC, and Repository.

It's just nerd speak for, "We'll do things the right way"

Using the fastest, latest, and greatest may not be what you need.

While we could use it, we promise to use the most appropriate technology to suit your needs and budget.

With Pixel73 you will get the most efficient, most cost effective solutions.

It's not about what we want, but what you need.